Terms and Conditions

Tuber Guarantee: Each listing is for one tuber. Your tuber is guaranteed to have an eye. All tubers have been inspected and have sprouted. Your tuber is guaranteed to be true to name.

Shipping: Tubers will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail. Orders of 1 to 5 tubers will be mailed in a small flat rate shipping box. Orders of 6 or more will be sent in a medium flat rate shipping box.

Tuber Inspection: When your tubers arrive, unpack them, and inspect them immediately. Tubers are packed in vermiculite and can be kept in their bags in a cool dark place until ready to plant. Tubers can be planted when ground temperature is above 60 F and risk of freezing is over.

If there is a problem with your tubers, please contact us within seven days of receipt. We will work to make sure you are satisfied by replacing or refunding your order.

Virus:  Being a small farm we have the ability to thoroughly inspect every plan on the farm. We don't take chances, any plant that looks suspicious of having a virus is aggressively eradicated. We have found this is the most effective way to ensure we are shipping healthy tubers. Many viruses are undetectable if the plants are grown in favorable conditions.

 Shipping within the US only